La Carrera Cycles

La Carrera Cycles is dressed in a splatter of memorabilia, which is juxtaposed nicely against a wall display of high end frames and apparel leading to a service bay area in the back.

“We’ve been in the bike service business for 14 years, 20 years for me personally,” says Nadir Olivet, former sporting director of Red Bull Race the Place , working unhurriedly on a bike.

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Colnago bikes painted by graffiti pioneers on sale at the AGO

Photos by Mike Ford

Story by Claire McFarlane

Banksy may have ‘exited through the gift shop’ but in Toronto s/he might stop to take a look at what are currently the most expensive items in the gift shop at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

The big-ticket items in question are high-end track bicycles hand-painted by legendary graffiti artists, Stash and FUTURA.


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Red Bull Race the Place

On April 1, 2014, Someone is cutting the locks off Ontario Place. On April 19, Red Bull Race the Place will take over Toronto’s iconic island for the first-ever urban cycling race at the site.  This is not the kind of amusement ride you remember as a kid; racers will take on a speed-soaked chase through the island’s industrial jungle full of hairpin turns, pedal heavy straight-aways and other urban obstacles.  This will be the first time anyone has accessed Ontario Place since closing its doors to the public in 2011.


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Relive the glory: Red Bull mini drome in pictures

In the heart of Evergreen Brick Works, next to the kilns that fired the bricks that built Toronto, 85 skilled and daring riders took on a steep and shrunken velodrome. With speeds reaching 35 km/h, on a track that appeared no larger than a suburban garage, the challenge was not only to set the best time but do so without slamming to the ground.


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The story of La Ocho

Dieter Janssen, architect and former professor at the University of Toronto, wanted a custom bike and went to La Carrera Cycles. One day, while he was in the shop, he overheard owner Nadir Olivet talking about having the Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) in Guatemala. Janssen had recently taken interest in racing tracks – he visited the 333-metre outdoor velodrome in Cuba and has ridden the Forest City velodrome in London, Ontario – and when Nadir mentioned the figure 8 track, he was immediately interested in being involved.


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