The Katana Project (LOOK MA NO BRAKES II)

Look Ma No Brakes 2 is a collaborative project initiated by La Carrera Cycles which brings together the legendary craftsmanship of bicycle manufacturer Yoshiaki Nagasawa and the creative vision of famed Artists and avid cyclists Stash, Futura.,Rcade and Aki.

The Nagasawa Special steel track frame serves as a most unique canvas.

After a year of hard work and preparation, all parties involved are honored to unveil these masterpieces to the world.

The limited production run of 28 track bike frames, 8 per artist expept AKI only 4, make their debut at the launch exhibition of Look Ma No Brakes 2 in Osaka at an undisclosed location.

The frames will be available to the public in December of 2017.

Look Ma No Brakes 2. We keep it moving.

The Katana Project Nagasawa Track Frames

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