Look ma No Brakes II


Look Ma No Brakes 2 is a collaborative project initiated by La Carrera Cycles which brings together the legendary craftsmanship of bicycle manufacturer Yoshiaki Nagasawa and the creative vision of famed Artists and avid cyclists Stash, Futura.,Rcade and Aki.

The Nagasawa Special steel track frame serves as a most unique canvas.

After a year of hard work and preparation, all parties involved are honored to unveil these masterpieces to the world.

The limited production run of 28 track bike frames, 8 per artist expept AKI only 4, make their debut at the launch exhibition of Look Ma No Brakes 2 in Osaka at an undisclosed location.  The frames will be available to the public in December of 2017.

Look Ma No Brakes 2. We keep it moving.


La Carrera

Owned and operated by Nadir Olivet, and supported by a network of mechanics, messengers, racers, riders and ruffians, La Carrera cycles has been a constant supporter and advocate of cycling in the international community for the past 24 years.


Japanese master builder Yoshiaki Nagawa has been building bicycles for over 50 years, promoting innovation, technology and a passion for craftsmanship and beauty that is unrivaled in the industry.


Crank Tokyo
The Artist
Futura is widely regarded as the figurehead of the modern street art movement , a movement he helped pioneer as a graffiti artist with the legendary Soul Artist crew in the 70’s.   Futura gradually gained mainstream acceptance and exposure throughout the early 80’s in the international art circuit with shows of his work at Tony Shafrazi (1981) and Fun Gallery (1983).   In the same time period, he undertook collaborations with rock group The Clash, for whom he provided record sleeve artwork and live painting at shows, as well as appearing in classic movie Wild Style.
Following stints in the United Status Armed Services as a Plane Captain, and a bicycle messenger in NYC, Futura became ingrained in the digital world of web and graphic design.  
In 1992 his work as a designer for London’s Mo’Wax record label propelled him to a career in product and clothing design.

Together with Stash, he co-founded the labels NFC (1991) and Project Dragon (1997) and has since developed his independent lines Futura Laboratoriies, as well as Futura Heavy Industries, a joint project involving mhi, a London based clothing company.

In 1998, Futura joined forces with Stash to open three Recon boutiques in New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

He has held solo and group shows internationally and has blessed clients and collobarators such as Calvin Klein, Levis, Niké Mo Wax, Maharishi and Medicom with his strong artistic vision.

His love of cycling and the Tour De France brought him into contact with some of the greatest cyclist since the 70’s.

From 1980 to 1987, Stash established himself as one of the luminary graffiti writers of the time period. His first exhibition of works on canvas opened in1983 at  the seminal Fun Gallery in NYC. His outdoor work from that era   was featured in the classic graffiti book “Spray Can Art”. In 1987, he stopped subway painting and turned his focus to producing fine art and design work.

Stash co- founded the labels NFC (1991) and Project Dragon (1997) with Futura while also running his independent line Subware (1994).

In 1998 he opened Recon Store in NY, which currently also houses his sneaker shop North.  Recon has since expanded to locations in San Francisco and Tokyo. 

He has held solo and group shows internationally at galleries that include Deitch Projects (NYC), Rocket Gallery (Tokyo), Elms Lester Gallery (London) and Collette (Paris)

As a designer, he has brought a creative touch to projects with a long list of companies including Pepsi, Nike, Gravis and Medicom.

Stashs’ creative output is a collective homage to the spray can movement. and the tools of the trade which he has spent decades using to perfection. Highly regarded for his creativity and foresight , his name is synonymous with the expansion of graffiti art into the modern urban consciousness through fine art, clothing design, and entrepreneurship.